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Free counselling services to study abroad

Inquiries Yearly

> 6.000

Inquiries Yearly

Applicants Yearly

> 2.000

Applicants Yearly

Students Abroad

> 1.000

Students Abroad

Years of Experience


Years of Experience

EDMUNDO is a FREE service provided by EDUCATIVA Group that offers information, counselling and assistance to young people who want to study abroad at international universities in Europe, Asia, United States and Canada.


In our activity we rely on our knowledge about international educational systems, a large network of contacts with international universities, connections with young international students and graduates from abroad as well as experience in implementing various projects dedicated to young people.

Our Services

Our counsellors can help you with the following

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about the study programs available at our partner universities

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in selecting the best educational programs for you to apply to​

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in building a strong application file (forms, CV, essays, recommendations)​

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information about partial or full financing options for the tuition fees

Our counselling services are FREE!

Our Counsellors

Experienced counsellors who have been students abroad themselves

Adriana Nicolaescu

Alexandra Grigorosoaia

Alina Cojocaru

Andra Ene

Bianca Foghel

Cristina Chiosa

Danai Sachpatzidou

Eveline Brebeneanu

Gabriela Pantir

Giorgiana Dumitru

Ioana Airinei

Ioana Costea

Konstantina Pagoni

Larisa Din

Mădălina Belcescu

Nicoleta Poenar

Vicky Tani

Why Apply with EDMUNDO

Personalized Counseling

Working with an EDMUNDO counsellor will enable you to find the programmes and universities that best match your academic and career objectives. Counsellors are equipped with comprehensive knowledge about the educational systems and are prepared to answer all of your questions.

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Top Application

EMDUNDO counsellors master all the information and the best practices needed to guide you and help you prepare a strong application file that will maximize your chances of being admitted to your chosen universities, while closely observing all requirements and deadlines.

Free &

The entire counselling process is completely free of charge for everyone applying to any of the international universities that EDMUNDO officially represents. Although partner universities financially support our services, EDMUNDO counsellors are paid the same irrespective of your university choice.

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You will have access to the wider EDMUNDO community of young people who study abroad and this will allow you to find out detailed information about their international personal and academic experience and even make friends with your future university colleagues.


EDUCATIVA is a group of non-governmental organizations and companies that develop educational services to help young people to identify and make use of personal development opportunities.

Among EDUCATIVA’s programs, alongside EDMUNDO and RIUF – the biggest international university fair in Romania – you can also find UNIVERSALIO and EDMERICA educational counselling services, Reviro recruitment service and – the centralized application platform for Romanian universities.

Get in touch with an EDMUNDO counsellor

We encourage you to contact us to find out more information about your opportunities to study abroad. We try to answer every request for information in maximum 2 working days. For meetings we kindly ask you to schedule an appointment by using the contact form or by calling us to ensure that one of our counsellors will be available at the time of your visit.